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How to choose the sofa?

A key element in the decoration of your living room, besides ensuring a balanced decoration the sofa should provide comfort and ease for the whole family.  The first question to take into account when looking for a sofa is the space you have available in the living room to place it.  A useful tip is to outline the volume of the future sofa with crepe paper paint and insulation tape on the floor.  Once the issue of the size has been resolved you can move on to the lining, colour and material.  The neutral shades are always a safer option.  You can then adapt it to the various seasonal trends with colourful accessories, such as pillows.  As for the material, you can opt for a wide range of fabrics or for synthetic or genuine leather.  Choose what you like best, there is no wrong choice!  A sofa in genuine leather is a classic and bestows a touch of sophistication to the decoration, but requires some extra care.  Another factor to take into account is the how the sofa will fit into the decoration of your home, in general, and that of your living room, specifically.  Seeing as the sofa is the most prominent element it should be in harmony with the other decoration.

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Lourini is a brand of exclusive Portuguese production, of reference and quality in the manufacture of furniture and accessories for the whole house at competitive prices.  Find out more about the brand, here.

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