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National leader in the production of furniture and kitchens

Great diversity of offer for your home. Sofas, furniture, kitchens or other essentials to improve your quality of life.


+1000 STORES

Rigorous selection of raw materials

We ensure products with the best quality-price ratio. All the raw materials, woods, fillings, fabrics and metals, have certificates of quality provided by our suppliers.

State-of-the-art equipment and processes

We invest in innovation and technology and develop innovative production processes. . In this way, we achieve objectives and meet the goals outlined by our customers.

Skilled labour

The training of our employees is always a priority. We invest in the learning of the most recent and innovative techniques that, together with our years of experience, allow us to create high quality products.


30 years of style, variety and competitive prices

Lourini appears to meet the needs of high quality, in comfort and design.
To feel the family’s tranquility, to welcome friends and to be at home relaxed, are our values and the force that spurs us on to produce the best furniture and sofas that the market knows.

National market

Our extensive experience grants us the acknowledgement of the national market qthat currently places us in the leadership of the segment..


International expansion

The expansion into the international markets arose naturally and nowadays we are present in more than 30 countries, with specific catalogues for the most varied markets.


Motivated and creative teams

Discover who is behind the creativity and innovation of our products.

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