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Identify the measurements and shape of the space, with location of doors, windows, points of light, water and gas, smoke outlets and other relevant architectural details.


Choose the modules you need and that are best suited to the space you have available. Top, bottom, towers, pantry units, shelves, doors and drawers, we have a vast range of modules that you can match.


Choose the exterior finishings (high gloss high pressure laminates, wood, melamine or glass) and the colours that you most like (white, black, wenge, orange, green, burgundy, amongst others).


Countertops, handles, skirting boards, organizers, pantry units or taps. Select the accessories that will complement your kitchen and make it unique.


A desirable recipe

Elegant, happy, youthful, luxurious? The Lourini kitchens feature a large variety of materials and colours that match your personal style. Perfect!

  • Postformed countertops (black)
  • Skirting Board and Skirting Board Connectors (aluminium)
  • Glass Swinging Doors (black, orange, burgundy, pure white, white, green)
  • Plain-Coloured Melamine (white, orange, green, black)
  • Wooden-Coloured Melamine (oak, beech, maple, wenge)
  • High Gloss High Pressure Laminates (white, burgundy, black)

The ingredients of success

Functional, practical and modern. The Lourini kitchens are designed for the daily requirements, with materials that allow for quick and easy cleaning and technologies that make your experience unique. Cooking, washing, tidying and… cooking again!

  • Removable drawers for easy cleaning with reinforced interior with a high resistance to weight
  • Doors, drawers and pantry units with a “soft-close” shock absorber system allowing for an easy, soft and silent closing
  • Modules with anti-humidity bottom protector for a greater durability and hygiene
  • Top doors with swinging adjustable levelers with gas measure for an easy opening

Kitchens 2021


The catalogue of Lourini kitchens has a vast range of ideas for you to customize and decorate your kitchen in a modern and functional way, where each detail of the “heart of the home” is though out in detail so that it is a space of well-being for you and for the whole family.


Prices for all styles and sizes

Speak to us and visualize your project printed in colour.